Having Contemporary Interior Design: 4 Factors to Consider

Contemporary interior design is one of the biggest trends today when it comes to home improvement. It seems that everyone nowadays would like to want to have their interiors look slick, edgy and cool. Fortunately, contemporary interior design is one of the easiest things to achieve if you use the right tools and materials. Below are a few tips you may use to get Seattle contemporary interior design right.
For the contemporary style, gone are bright palettes like red and green. They are now replaced with neutrals colors, black and white as they generate a more laid-back atmosphere. If you plan to use tiles, it is best to use neutral colors for the wall as they provide a great backdrop for all your accessories and furniture. 
Also, using stone tiles is considered effective as a stone surface gives off an edgy vibe. Functionality-wise, stone tiles are quite durable and their colors do not fade in time like paint. Adding plants and natural fixtures next to the wall like drift wood will give off a garden-like yet contemporary feel to the room.
A very distinct element in Seattle contemporary interior design is linearity. Everywhere you look, the place should give off this sleek, disjointed and angular feel that makes the place feel like a modern art gallery. Colored tiles should be used to highlight the space above, below and between walls as they will make every object and furniture in the room stand out.
Space-wise, contemporary interiors are all about minimalism. In short, having less objects and fixture in the room actually makes the place alluring. Highlight several “quirky” features of the room like an exposed air duct, exposed piping or broken bricks. To highlight the room’s features, it is best to use neutral colors in your tiles like white and grey. If not, it is best to use colors that will make these areas blend to the wall.
One thing to note about contemporary design is shift of focus from aesthetic decoration to simpler, functional and very geometric designs. Gone are the various aesthetic trends of the past like patterns, fringes and tassels in tiles and fixtures and in come simpler colors and shapes. To have a truly contemporary design, find wall tiles that have little to no pattern at all in their surface. This allows your fixture to shine through, with the wall acting as either a canvass or a backdrop.
The furniture and fixtures themselves should have no decoration in their bodies. In other words, they should be simple and uncluttered. To highlight their simple features, you must use wall tiles that will make them stand out from the wall. The main objective in contemporary design is always to make the fixtures bold yet functional.
In Seattle contemporary interior design, the flooring should give off an inviting yet laid-back atmosphere. Use tile colors that give off a calm and sleek vibe like black or gray. Carpets are not really recommended as the floor should be bared for all to see. Instead, use rugs with a plain or geometric pattern to add more highlights to the floors and walls. Additional functions in the tiles and rugs like sound and temperature control will also be something to consider.

from Norberry Tile http://ift.tt/1rJytQH


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