10 Tips In Choosing a Shower Tile

When renovating your shower, the first thing to keep in mind is that you only need the best shower tiles that you can find. Luckily, a top Seattle tile company can provide you with a variety of tiles to choose from. The problem here is in finding the right one for your shower. Fortunately, looking for the best tiles for your shower is quite easy provided that you keep in mind a few tips.

Mind the Curves
Whenever you have a curvy aesthetic to your shower, it pays to find a tile that can fit into those curves. Smaller tiles tend to have this advantage as they can easily be fitted to any fixture without breaking their pattern. Any fixture with curves like shower benches and arches are best covered with these tiles. However, it is a must that the small tiles are procured before any work is to be done. This way, the tiles can be re-shaped to fit the curves and arcs. 
Think Of Its Texture
Before you purchase and install any tile, you would have to get a good idea of how it feels. A large slab for a tile will feel nicer to sit on than a smaller tile. On the other hand, tiles with a curved edge will feel great on the legs and back. Keep in mind that the prime objective of a shower is to make you feel comfortable. If the tile only has aesthetic appeal and zero comfort, there is no point in having them installed.
Mind the Traction
One of the biggest concerns in installing tiles in a bathroom is their traction level. There are a lot of tiles in the market that are durable and alluring but are quite slippery when wet. This means that they are only best when used in a countertop or wall. To prevent accidents, it is best to look for a top Seattle tile company that offers shower-specific floor tiles. One can easily know that a tile is designed for shower floors due to their somewhat rough texture. 
Consider a Complimentary Design
The colors used in tiles will play a part in making you feel comfortable whenever you take a shower. At most times, clashing colors can break your concentration and prevent you from making full use of the shower. To prevent this, you must plan your shower’s color scheme well in advance.
If you want a generally vibrant atmosphere, it is best to use pastel colors like red and pink. If you are aiming for a calmer mood, you can choose neutral to dark colors like gray, blue and black. If you are aiming to make your bathroom look bigger and sterile, the best option is to use white tiles.
Keep Cleaning In Mind
Cleanliness would have to be one of the major considerations when looking for a shower tile. If you are not the one to be bothered by cleaning every tile of the shower, it is best to pick larger slabs and tiles. A top Seattle tile Company can also provide you with tiles designed to combat the buildup of stains and dirt. With these tiles installed, any stain or dirt in the shower will slide easily through the tiles and straight to the drains.

from Norberry Tile http://ift.tt/1pkSxKG


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