The Best Tiles for Your Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash of your kitchen is both a functional piece of the area and a blank canvass. With the right tiles, you can turn make any backsplash into something that is both functional and attractive. Of course, this only happens when you have the right kind of tiles installed at the while. Thus, this begs the question: what is the best Seattle Tile for backsplash? The answer will be up to you. Below are tiles that are considered ideal for any kitchen backsplash.

Limestone Pavers

Limestone tiles at your kitchen backsplash have both a design and functional advantage. Functionality-wide, stone has a splatter-proof surface which prevents stains from sticking for far too long. Also, limestone is naturally an anti-bacterial, preventing bacterial buildup along its surface. Finally, limestone can withstand a lot of heat without breaking or cracking.

Design-wise, limestone tiles can give off a very sturdy and medieval look to your kitchen. If you really wanted to have that authentic country Italian kitchen, installing limestone pavers will give off that effect. Installing these tiles with a low-penetrating sealer will protect them from water damage while also making them easier to clean.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel tiles give off a utilitarian and sleek vibe to any kitchen backsplash. Plus, it gives of a sheen that makes the entire area look polished and, depending on the overall design, futuristic. Steel mosaic backsplashes are also very functional aside from being attractive, being easy to clean with a sponge and warm water.

The key to making this Seattle tile for backsplash durable is to wipe any stain off immediately as possible. Some stains like juices, coffee and dirt can cause discoloration in steel. That is, provided, if they are allowed to dry on the surface.


For a more rustic and quite atmosphere, you should consider soapstone for your kitchen backsplash. Soapstone is less porous than granite which results in an easy to maintain surface. Also, soapstone usually comes in neutral colors like grey, light green and blue green. This allows for a very cool vibe in the kitchen which lasts for quite a while. The only disadvantage with soapstone is that it can easily become dented as it’s a softer stone. However, any surface blemish can easily be sanded out.

Plate Glass

A common material for kitchen backsplashes are small tiles made from various glasses. Easy to install and easy to cut, these glass tiles offer a very subtle and contemporary feel to any kitchen and a very sleek and easy to clean surface. One thing to note about plate glass is that it does not have any bold color. To make these tiles stand out, you must first paint the wall with the color of your choice and then install the tiles.


For a truly elegant Seattle tile for backsplash, it is best to use marble. Despite its high price, marble offers one of the most elegant designs in any backsplash. To really keep them spot-free for a long time, you must use warm water and a ph-neutral marble cleaner. If properly cleaned and maintained, a marble tile will make your kitchen look pristine for quite a long time.

from Norberry Tile


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